Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel?
Yes we do. However, there’s a travel fee for locations that are further than 50 miles away from the office.

What kinds of print do you offer?
Our printer is capable of printing 4×6, 2×6, 5×7, 6×8, and 6×9 prints, and are made available in approximately 15 seconds.

Can you customize prints?
Yes, we can. Prints can be personalized with event titles, logos, etc.

Do you offer different backdrops?
Yes, we have a selection of backdrops for you to choose from that best fits the decor of your event.

Do you upload to social media?
Our booth comes standard with the ability to upload the just photographed image to a client’s personal facebook page or e-mail. This option requires an active internet connection through the venue’s wifi or a local hotspot. We will also provide access to a site through which both clients and guests will be able to view the gallery, download, share, and print photos from the event

Can the galleries be password protected?
Yes, they can.

How much space do you need for set up?
We recommend anywhere from a (6’ x 5’) to a (9’ x 7’) area, but it can be bigger or smaller depending on your situation.

How long does it take to set up and breakdown?
It usually takes approximately 15 minutes to set up and break down respectively.

Will the booth be setup before the guests arrive?
Yes it will be assembled and ready to go at the time agreed on by both parties.

Do you provide props?
Yes, we provide an extensive collection of props.

Do you do outdoor events?
Yes, we provide setup for both indoor and outdoor events. As long as the weather permits, and we can guarantee its safe operation and the safety of guests attempting to utilize the service.

Will there be an attendant at the event to maintain the booth?
There is professional support staff present at each event. This attendant will assist in directing the flow of guests, along with offering directions and instructions in the proper usage of the booth.

Is the booth insured?
Yes, the booth is insured.

Do you require a deposit? When is it due?
A non-refundable retainer fee in the amount of $300 is due upon signing of our contract. The remaining amount is due 7 days in advance of the event. If the photo booth is cancelled at least 30 days before the event date, any money paid will be reimbursed less the nonrefundable retainer. Cancellations less than 30 days prior to the event will not be refunded.

So, I’m interested in booking for an event; what’s the next step?
Visit our Reserve a Date page and fill out and submit the requested information.  We will follow up with a questionnaire. If you decide to proceed, we’ll email you a quote, then a contract and invoice. Once you’ve paid the deposit, a photo booth will be secured for your event date.